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Nutrition for
Every Body

Utilizing evidence-based knowledge and informed experience to best serve those in any stage of their nutrition journey. 

B Well Consulting provides customized dietitian services for public, private, and non-profit organizations as well as individuals seeking to optimize their performance, hormone production, fertility, sleep, and overall health and well-being.

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Welcome to B Well Consulting

I started B Well to provide dietitian consulting services for those wanting more from their nutrition. From my 8 years working as a Performance Dietitian for Special Operations, I’ve come to better understand the unique needs we have in our current world.​

My special interest areas include a mindful approach to optimizing health and performance related to hormone optimization, sleep optimization, stress management, job performance and prevention of long-term disease. I also have a vested interest in nutritional support for allostatic load, care for traumatic brain injury, heavy metal exposure, and gastrointestinal health. These concerns are not just found in the tactical athletes, but in many of our lives.           

Just because it is common, does not mean it is normal!

As a registered dietitian, I utilize evidence-based research and knowledge based on my experience to provide my clients with a customized approach to support their goals. I believe it is not enough to look at one system or symptom in the body but understanding the interaction of the complex systems that make up our body to provide true support for both men and women.

Our Services


Dietitian As A Service

Want to make employee health a priority? Make B Well your company dietitian offering group educations, worksite interventions, meal coordinator or one-on-one consulting services for employees as a benefit. B Well works with public and private organizations to provide employee centric nutrition services.


Individual Coaching

Interested in your own needs? B Well offers individual coaching services for those wanting to learn, practice, and thrive. B Well takes time to learn about your history, lifestyle, work, and personal preferences to curate a customized approach to enhancing your


Program Development

Looking to launch a new nutrition program? B Well's leadership leverages experience from providing dietitian services to teams of first responders, military special operators, and professional athletes. To serve the best, utilize
B Well to build the best program for your customers.

B Well Serves

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Professional Athletes

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Fire Rescue

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Meet Kelsey Bailey

I am a registered dietitian, certified specialist in sport dietetics, and a certified strength and conditioning coach (RD, CSSD, CSCS).

Thanks for visiting B Well – my name is Kelsey. I come from western Kansas (shoutout Hays!) and reside in the Denver area with my husband and two kiddos.

Things I want you to know about me and B Well:


  1. The reality is anyone can call themselves a nutritionist, but to become a registered dietitian, it requires schooling, training, a credentialing exam, continuing education and further examinations for specialty areas. This is vitally important in understanding YOU. Your story. Your health history. Your medications. Your lab work. Your goals. Your relationship with food.

  2. My experience as a registered dietitian has also shown me how frequently I see individuals that are over-scheduled, under-prepared, over-stressed, sleep deprived, alcohol dependent, using dangerous supplements and consuming a highly processed, pro-inflammatory diet.

  3. Our food system is ever changing and there is an inordinate amount of noise through social media on extreme nutrition recommendations and it can be HARD to navigate what you should be doing for YOU. I started B Well to clear the noise and serve the person sitting in front of me. To understand YOUR body and the best way to support you and your goals.

  4. My work and my own experiences have also led to an increased interest in hormone optimization for both men and women. I am a mom of two boys and I had miscarriage between the two. I have felt lost in what I could do nutritionally to best support my own body and recovery to support my fertility. I have come to fully realize the lack of nutrition and supplement information and support given to women and men in the huge hormone fluctuations of life: puberty, fertility, menopause and aging.


If this is a space you find yourself in, I am here to meet you and support you wherever you are in that journey. If that resonates with you too or if your care team would like to collaborate, please reach out!


Bottom Line: I love finding out what drives you and I want to be a part of the team that listens and supports your goals.

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